[Guest] Raymond: Onyon, pake login2 segala
[Guest] 404d links: can't lock in anymore
404d links: remembering...
[Guest] chrisb: hey, when have you been here?
[Guest] yudha: I'm return.. to this site hahaha
[Guest] yudha: Halloooooooooooooo
[Guest] christian: always looking on that site, hope for more
[Guest] maledecko: viel Erfolg lustiger Mann
404d links: good luck yudha / i will visit you either way
404d links: greetings from erfurt with snow
[Guest] maddin: is heut party im wohnheim?wenn ja schreibt 49177-3766996 aciuuuuuuuuuu
[Guest] ulie: Yud, lo dah ga di erfurt lg? dimana skrg?
[Guest] Maddin: Hello at all Wann ist mal wieder Party im Wohnheim??? Gruesse aus Vilnius
[Guest] dewi: Hallo alles!
yudha: Ich bin noch in Erfurt.... bis ende des monat...
[Guest] S.: wo bist denn du jetzt eigentlich?
[Guest] esta: ieu teh aya poto korjos nteu...
yudha: Erfurt, I'll be back!!! (Terminator)
yudha: But, I hope I'll be back someday!!
yudha: Today is my last day in FH Erfurt...
yudha: Hohohohoho
404d links: greetings from my room in the grey sky
[Guest] Raffaello: ;)
[Guest] ulie: hellow.. gak sengaja nemu ini nih..
yoll82: i really hope we can meet again!!! take care!
yoll82: i just spent all my card charge.?.? but it was nice talk with you!
404d links: Summer greetings from a wind standing libery
yoll82: woudl you come over there to meet me??? ^^
yoll82: hey! Yudha!! i will be in Frankfrut in 4th week of June!!
404d links: Greetings from dusty aired libery in fresh spring
Anya: nyet foto2 kami ilang sih nyet?
[Guest] OmGele: Hoy, seriusss kleannn
noweelle: Hyyyy Yudhukas Liebe Gruesse aus Litauen
yudha: Hali halo, danke Marina
MARINA: Hallo Yudha! Sehr schoene Fotos
404d links: ....oooO..............
404d links: .....(....)...Oooo...
404d links: ......)../.....(....)....
404d links: .....(_/.......)../.....
404d links: ...............(_/.......
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